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National Academy of Sciences in DC: Humans to Mars Summit 

Inclusivity and Equity in STEM - Women In Space Conference 

Student-Scientist: Project PoSSUM (Polar Suborbital Science in the Upper Mesosphere) - Advanced PoSSUM Space Academy and Scientist - Astronaut Program.







Spot: Mujer, Ciencia y Arte


Feature: 1MWIS


Podcast: Courageous Scientists by Professor Kate Clancy

Podcast: Conversations with Kenzie, A tour of our solar system. Hosted by Kenzie Brenna


Feature: Style Engineers Worldwide - Fashioning the Future 


Collaboration: Exploring by the Seat of your Pants: SciComm Storytime


Feature: Latinas in Earth and Planetary Science - GeoLatinas

Collaboration: Astronomy on Tap: Drink the Universe – Special Hubble 30th Birthday Celebration

Collaboration: Review Commitee: "Making Space" Awards for Inclusion in STEM - The STEM Squad

Collaboration: Contributing Writer - Quartz

Event: Live Storytelling - Transformations: My love of Science Saved my Life. Story Collider

Press - Publication in Spanish - Imagenes Dominicanas

Press - Caribbean Newspaper: Listin Diario

Event: speaker - Housing Works presents "Ask A Spaceman Live" Your Place in the Universe: Segment: "Origins" by  Science Friday

Feature - "Hispaniola Born, Earthbound Explorer" Stories in Science

Feature: Caribbean voices in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in the Caribbean region and the World.

STEM Caribbean Media

Event: Guest speaker - "In the Times of Scicomm" Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 

Press - Radio interview - Reset Radio Show

Press - Radio interview - 12y2 Entretenimiento

Podcast: "Per Aspera Ad Astra: Representation in STEM and Science Communication"  Synapse Science Podcast

Collaboration: Newsletter creator/editor - High School Robotics Kick Off 2018. ChickTech NYC

Feature - "Rose Blooms" Bad Astronomy’s Newsletter

Collaboration: "The Science of Fiction" EARTHER by Gizmodo

Feature: Space photo processing feature - Juno data. SyFy Wire

Collaboration: Contributing editor - "Field Guide to College Science Teaching" work by Prof. Terry McGlynn

Press: Interview - Press Association

Event: Speaker: Speak Up Rise Up Festival

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SpaceX CRS -18 rocket on the day of laun