General Engagements

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Humans to Mars Summit 

Inclusivity and Equity in STEM:

Women In Space Conference 

Polar Suborbital Science in the Upper Mesosphere - Advanced PoSSUM Space Academy and Scientist Astronaut Program.

Project PoSSUM






 (Periodically updated)

Physics in a second language: Symmetry Magazine


Científicas y Latinoamericanas: Mujer, Ciencia y Arte


1 Million Women In Science: 1MWIS


 Courageous Scientists by Professor Kate Clancy

Conversations with Kenzie: A tour of our solar system. Hosted by Kenzie Brenna


 Style Engineers Worldwide: Fashioning the Future 


Exploring by the Seat of your Pants: SciComm Storytime


Latinas in Earth and Planetary Science - GeoLatinas

Drink the Universe – Special Hubble 30th Birthday Celebration

Review Commitee: "Making Space" Awards for Inclusion in STEM - The STEM Squad

Contributing Writer - Quartz

Live Storytelling - Transformations: My love of Science Saved my Life. Story Collider

Publication in Spanish - Imagenes Dominicanas

Caribbean Newspaper: Listin Diario

Housing Works presents "Ask A Spaceman Live" Your Place in the Universe: Segment: "Origins" by  Science Friday

"Hispaniola Born, Earthbound Explorer" Stories in Science

Caribbean voices in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in the Caribbean region and the World.

STEM Caribbean Media

"In the Times of Scicomm" Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 

Radio: Reset Radio Show

Radio: 12y2 Entretenimiento

"Per Aspera Ad Astra: Representation in STEM and Science Communication"  Synapse Science Podcast

Newsletter creator/editor - High School Robotics Kick Off 2018. ChickTech NYC

"Rose Blooms" Bad Astronomy’s Newsletter

"The Science of Fiction" EARTHER by Gizmodo

Space photo processing feature - Juno data. SyFy Wire

"Field Guide to College Science Teaching" work by Prof. Terry McGlynn

Press: Press Association

 Speak Up Rise Up Festival